• Elif True

Reflections on Finishing the Podcast Series:

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Wow, it’s all finished! When I started doing the podcasts for my final period of Laidlaw research earlier this summer, I aimed to have 3 podcasts recorded talking about poverty in the UK. Now, I have 8 episodes that I’d love to share with you that feature a host of amazing people who, in some way or another, are experts on poverty in the UK. I’m so thankful to say that on this podcast series, I have a police officer from Northumbria police, the Member of Youth Parliament for South Tyneside, a community centre, a professor and so many more astounding individuals.

They all told me essentially the same thing: we need to act now, in any way we can.

I hope you listen to ‘Ep. 3- What is Poverty Proofing? (w/ Member of Youth Parliament Shana McCauley and Children North East’s Georgina Burt)’ and consider the nuanced ways people in poverty are left out of social experiences.

I hope you to listen to ‘Ep. 4- ‘Social Justice, Equality, Action’ (w/ Professor Greta Defeyter)’ with a sense of anger and fully understand the injustice of the missing £88 million in the Free School Meal system in our schools.

I hope you listen to ‘Ep. 7- Join the Kindness Revolution (w/ Hebburn Helps)’ and restore your faith in people and the generosity of food banks and the community to people in need.

I hope you listen to these episodes (for free to download) and tell your family, your friends or your seminar group or break room (to sound clever and worldly) something you didn’t know about poverty and get a much needed conversation going.

Above all, I hope you understand your own ability to help kids, university students and families in poverty and fight hard to make the situation better in our country that is on the precipice of forgetting about the 14 million people who are struggling to make ends meet right now. You can do this by donating to the food bank featured, campaigning on the Citizen UK issue of Free School Meal change and even by changing your own perceptions of people in poverty.

I hope very much you enjoy the series and a big thank you to the co-producers, the Laidlaw Scholarship, University Radio York and University of York. Get listening and get talking.


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